Maintaining healthy skin and shiny hair is one of the most important aspects that most concern us in the care of our dogs and cats, being a first-hand indicator of their health.

Food is necessary in our day to day, no matter if it is dogs or cats, so maintaining a correct diet with quality food will help our dog or cat maintain healthy skin and shiny hair.

In order for our pet to keep the skin and hair in a healthy state, it is to conform a diet rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which contains high quality proteins to favor its digestibility. In addition, omega 3 and 6 provide other benefits such as promoting brain development.

For example, our Sensitive reference in Dogs, and in cats the Sterilized Fresh Fis, enhance these characteristics.

Perhaps one of the main symptoms of omega 3 deficiency in our dogs is dry, flaky skin. 95% of dogs receive highly processed diets (feed) and we have already seen the great lack of fatty acids in these foods. Omega 3s have proven to be a fundamental part of the cerebral cortex.

At a general level we will also appreciate a series of more notorious benefits for us, such as:

Increase in brightness and color in the dog’s hair
Fight overweight
Benefits to recover from viral or bacterial processes (diseases)
Noticeable improvement in the state of health of the dog …
All our products are formulated by leading veterinarians.