Have you ever heard that salmon or fish oil is good for our dogs? Well, this is totally true.

Although we give a balanced diet to our dog, there are times that it is advisable to provide some extra vitamin of this type to fully complete their meals.

Here we tell you what salmon oil is and what benefits it brings to our pet.

What is salmon oil?
Salmon oil is a very good nutritional product not only for us but also for our pets, since it is a natural product directly derived from salmon. It is also a very good source of protein and omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which provides special health benefits to dogs.

It is also important to note that its high mineral content is 25 times higher than any other food of animal origin.

Salmon oil benefits
Salmon oil, as we have seen, contains numerous properties favorable to the health of our dogs. Among all the benefits provided by salmon or fish oil we can find the following:

Brain benefits
Salmon oil is essential both for the beginning of the life of dogs and for the last years of this, since this oil provides benefits to the brain.

If we provide salmon oil in the diet to a pregnant dog, we will enhance the mental formation of the fetuses and later that of the pups’ brains. Also, when dogs are senior, this oil improves their cognitive abilities.

Bone Benefits
The first thing to note is that salmon oil improves the teeth and nails of our pets.

In turn, if we provide salmon oil on a regular basis we can prevent the onset of one of the most common diseases: Arthritis. And in case you already have it, we will reduce the pain.

Finally, it also improves the production of collagen and this leads to the avoidance of joint inflammations.

Skin benefits
Ingesting salmon oil strengthens the immune system and therefore the dermis is benefited.


As soon as we take the oil, we can see how our dog’s skin changes, just as his hair becomes brighter, silky and dense. In addition, this oil is used to treat allergies, making them look reduced. And in the event that your dog does not have allergies it will not develop.

It also accelerates wound healing.

Benefits in the digestive system
Another of the benefits that salmon oil brings to dogs, although it may go unnoticed, is that it improves intestinal transit. In addition, it causes the triglyceride level to drop and improve blood pressure.

All this allows us to control one of the most common problems in dogs: Obesity.

Can salmon oil prevent diseases?
As we see salmon oil is a very beneficial food for the development and diseases of our dog, but not only that, but also allows us to prevent other types of canine health problems, such as:

– Prevents and fights heart problems

– Fight overweight

– Regulates the immune system

– Prevents cancer

How should I administer salmon oil?
It is important that before supplying our dog with salmon oil we contact our veterinarian to tell us the exact dose that we should give our dog, since if we go over the amount of oil side effects can occur such as bad breath , diarrhea, dizziness, weight gain, nausea or stomach pain.

Once we have the exact dose that we have to give our dog, we have several ways to incorporate them into the diet of the dog, either we can supply them by giving capsules at mealtime or by directly adding the oil to the feed.

With all this, it is clear that salmon oil can be beneficial for our dog, so you know, think about incorporating it into your diet.