Christmas is coming and that means that children are already thinking what they want to ask Santa Claus or the Magi this year. A desire that is repeated year after year in many of the homes is to incorporate a pet into the family.
Introducing a dog into the family is not something trivial and it is that a dog is not a toy and it is a decision that has to be very thoughtful, since having a dog carries a lot of responsibility and obligations. In addition, we must keep in mind that if we decide on a puppy, it grows, it can make its needs at home and it also makes them crowded.

For those people who have decided to give a dog this Christmas the article we bring today is directed, which is based on the benefits that a dog gives us in our day to day and to encourage the adoption of them.

Why should we adopt and not buy a dog?
Like you, other people in previous years also had the idea of ​​giving a dog for Christmas. However, when he grows up, makes trastadas or conditions his life, he is no longer so dear and is abandoned. 

Unfortunately, in Spain there is a very high number of dog abandonments throughout the year. Numerous protectors struggle every day to get many of these dogs that have been abandoned or unfairly mistreated by their previous owners off the street and give them the opportunity to have a new life where they are loved and treated as they deserve.

Therefore, adopting a dog instead of buying it gives you the satisfaction of feeling good by giving the animal a new opportunity, a home where you will be loved and taken care of.

In addition, in the protectors there are not only mongrel dogs, but also of many breeds. As for age, the same thing happens, there are both adults and puppies. The puppies are the ones that go out for adoption before, but we invite you to give the opportunity to one of these older dogs, because they are really affectionate and, unfortunately, they are the ones who have been able to experience situations of abandonment or abuse.

Advantages of introducing a dog in the family for Christmas

Fulfill an illusion
The first of the advantages of introducing a dog into the family for Christmas, is that it has surely been requested by a family member, so fulfilling that illusion will not only make the person who asked for it happy but it will to strengthen family ties.

Reduce anxiety and depression
Stress and anxiety are one of the great causes of diseases of our day to day. Well, several studies have shown that people who spend time with a dog feel more relaxed and less stressed.

In addition, they help overcome depression. Specifically, many therapists urge their patients to adopt a dog, since it gives them unconditionally affection and forces them to leave home and interact with other people, all of them acts that cause the person who is in depression to overcome that disease .

You are happier
It seems incredible that an animal conditions you to be happier or less, but it is true, since being with dogs makes you more cheerful, lifts your spirits, keeps you in a good mood and also helps you develop empathy

They help the elderly
Many elders need to keep their minds healthy and one of the ways is for the old man to be committed to another and this is where the dog figure comes in. The old man has to take care of the dog so it is a very beneficial relationship.

Motivate mobility and help establish a routine
Exercising is great for your health, but many people don’t like it or get lazy. Well, having a dog forces you to walk it at least 3 times a day, so it already forces you to leave home and exercise. In addition, there are sports to do in company with our pets that are very fun.

As we have seen the dog you have to take it out several times a day, so this helps you establish a daily routine and develop responsibility.

It makes you not feel alone
The dog is an ideal companion for those people who are going through a bad time or who are alone. The dogs keep them company and allow them to spend the day in a very pleasant way.

They cause great positive effects to children
When interacting with dogs, children not only show a greater immune system, but it is proven that those children who are raised with animals show less allergies.

In addition, they help them to have more confidence in themselves, to know how to relate properly and, above all, to be more responsible, since caring for a dog requires obligations.

Finally, dogs can be of great help for those children who suffer from diseases such as diabetes or epilepsy, since there are dogs that are trained to detect when the child will have a clinical picture and thus warn and act quickly.

As you can see, there are many advantages to introduce a dog in the family. But remember, adopt!